Fishy Wiggle

April 1st (ALL FOOLS DAY) was renamed "I STEAL YOUR MONEY DAY" to show sympathy for all the fools. To commemorate this special day please do a Fishy Wiggle at Midday every April 1st.... Capitalist civilisation is outrageously SILLY. We must highlight the ridiculousness of monetary inequality via doing a silly Fishy Wiggle for 1 min at Midday every April 1st. The importance of generating awareness for poor dolts cannot be underestimated. The absurdity of life must be recognised. Your destiny is WIGGLING. The future of the human race depends upon YOU doing a FISHY WIGGLE. <br />~~ wїgGle ~~~ wĨggLE ~~~ wїgGle ~~~ wĨggLE ~~ <br /><br />In addition to wiggling like a fish on April 1st: <br />You should wear a SLAVE SIGN all day! <br /><br />