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Please watch: "Halo Online is now available to play Multiplayer."

What up, We've too excited :). So i'm going update tomorrow. This going be freaking awesome. :D

Manual Patch :


[New Content]

- Green Dragon Nest (Practice Mode)
- Dark Lair Hatred Pirandello 2nd Floor added
- New Friendship Mission and Titles
- Heroes Academy
- Guild Creation and Participation Rewards
- Added New Ear Event

UI Enhancement
- Shared Server Storage
- Special Storage
- Potential System
- Repair Station at Stage Entrance
- Item Crafting Notification
- "Buy Now" button for related Cash Items
- "Request for Gift" for Cash Shop System
- New photos added to Friendship Photo Album
- Private Chat Channel added

- 2:2 Ladder Mode
- Combo Practice Mode
- Revenge System (only works in Respawn/ FFA mode Mission Rooms)
- Ranking Board (Access through Colosseum or Shortcut Key [/])
- Party Info toggle option
- Colosseum Guide Quest
- PVP Rank Achievements and Rewards


- Removal of Christmas Theme in Town
- Removal of Christmas Event
- Wonderful Racing is now available in Colosseum instead of Wonderful Theme Park
- Revert Code now no longer obtainable in dungeons or Nests, existing Revert Cube can still be used.
- Stage Ranks/ Reward Changes
- Monster Attacks AI improved for some monsters
- Essence unification:
- Sophia, Pasus, Potencia, Herba and Anima into Pacultas
- Beloom, Borus and Invictus into Beloom
- Pacultas Powder and Pacultas Extract (Rare) will no longer drop

UI Enhancement

Enhancement System Revamp
- Able to enhance currently equipped items (previously, equipped item must be unequipped before it can be enhance)
- Able to purchase insufficient materials directly from Trading House when enhancing equipment at Blacksmith Berlin
- Skill Window Revamp
- An additional confirmation step has been added to the Skills Menu to help prevent players from misallocating their valuable Skill Points.
- Skill Presets: Players are now able to save and load their own skill presets.

Quest System revamp:
- Daily Quests for level 40 to 49 characters are now available only at Merchant Lucita.
- Remote Quests: able to accept certain quests without visiting the NPC personally
- Green color Quest Icons for Daily Quest
- Quests listed at NPC are now sorted by level (highest first)
- Enable "Hide Quest Marks" option in the Quest window to hide lower level quests at NPC

Friendship System revamp:
- Friendship with most NPCs are now activated by entering the towns they are in
- Gifts from NPC are now collected in the Friendship Windows
- Thumbnails of available photos now shown in the Photo Album

Various UI changes
- Revamp of Item Description and Tooltip
- Quest and Friendship window combined
- Chat window enhanced, Channel and Whisper tabs added
- When talking to NPC, press [Q] key to go to the start of the conversation
- Ring comparison improved, using [Shift] key to toggle between rings

Skill Changes:
Visit our 450.Mark for list skill changes:

- Colosseum Mode Help Guide
- Colosseum EXP and Rank Changes
- Able to earn Colosseum EXP in Ladder
- 'New' icons to show the newly obtained items.

Cash Shop
- Limited Edition: Party Theme Costume
- Limited Edition: Pet Package for Hound and Cat
- New Hair Color: Slate and Yellow
- Cash Shop Update: Limited Edition Christmas Costumes removed
- Altea's Gacha-Box Update: Limited Edition Soft Angel Sheep Mount removed
- Altea's Gacha-Box Update: Magnificent Black Wings removed

==Background Music==
El Magicia by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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