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A new day, a new allegation against Chris Brown… But this time, his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran has reportedly obtained a restraining order against the singer, because she’s afraid for her life.

TMZ reports that Karrueche claims that Brown has threatened to kill her, and has been violent to her in the past, including punching her in the stomach twice and pushed her down the stairs.

Obviously Chris’s reputation demonstrates that he is capable of such behavior.

We also remember the video where Brown made a weird warning on Instagram, telling women that he makes them “miserable.”

[Ladies, y’all be complaining about [men] being, like, stalkers and in love with y’all, kinda crazy and shit and you get tired of it. Well, guess what? I’m one of them! If I love you, bitch, ain’t nobody going to have you. I’m going to make you miserable. I’m going to chase that [guy] out, I’m going to chase your ass around, and it’s done!]

Brown’s threats are reportedly being taken seriously by Karrueche, and now he’s not allowed within 100 yards of her and her family.

We thought Brown had grown up, and we certainly hope his past self doesn’t resurface.
Karrueche Tran Gets Restraining Order Against Chris Brown
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