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Here are 10 bizarre Google street views.

Google’s street view feature is a very valuable tool that has no doubt helped many a traveler find their way. It can also provide hours of entertainment.

Here are 10 of Google’s more bizarre location shots.

Number 10. Escaped inmate. It’s not clear if the prisoner was ever found, but given how well he or she stands out against the barren South African landscape it’s hard to imagine they went unnoticed for long.

Number 9. Man holding a gun. News outlets had a heyday with this one, but the momentarily famous armed man has since been rendered just another shirtless guy with blurry hands.

Number 8. Pigeon heads in Japan. Upon learning that there was a Google street view car roaming around the area, one group decided to have fun with it, and what’s more hilarious than pigeon masks, right?

Number 7. Toddlers with guns. Fear not - these Irish kids were probably using toy weapons, but it’s unknown if their pretend hold-up got them any real money.

Number 6. Car fire. Go figure - one second, you’re chilling with friends in Ontario, and the next, smoke is billowing out the side of your car because it’s on fire.

Number 5. Another guy with a gun. This time only the facial features have been blurred, so it’s clear that the man pointed a weapon at the Google vehicle.

Number 4. A tiger roams free in Boulder. Not really – it was a prop placed to draw attention to one of the stores behind it, but why Google decided to scrub out its face remains a mystery.

Number 3. More masks. The Japanese don’t get to have all the fun. This group in Sonora, Mexico decided to put on a show for the Google street team as well.

Number 2. Ostrich in the road. Well, at least unlike a pothole or a glass bottle, this potential road hazard is easy to spot from a distance.

Number 1. Shark emerging from roof. Why somebody would decide to do that is anybody's guess.

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10 Bizarre Google Street Views
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