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It’s happened! We have names, dates, and titles for ALL Those DC movies we’ve been relentlessly speculating about. Wonder Woman! Aquaman! Justice League! Cyborg! Suicide Squad! WOW! Subscribe:

The announcement, made in a WB shareholder meeting, rather than a Comic-con auditorium, revealed the names of ten, count ‘em, TEN DC movie tentpoles coming out between now-ish and 2020. Plus some Warner movie heavyweights like the Harry Potter spinoffs and Lego sequels.

Just yesterday, we were talking about the Marvel Cinematic Universe - how do you think this news compares to that:

There were expected and already-announced entries like Justice League, Wonder Woman, and Shazam. As well as a movie version of the Flash (not starring Grant Gustin from TV), Cyborg and the Suicide Squad.

For more information, plus a handy-dandy graphical visual aid, check out:

Which DC Universe movie are you most looking forward to? Most curious about? What do you think of the way DC is handling its own Cinematic Universe? Did your favorite DC hero get ignored in this slate? What do you think of the way this news was announced?

Let us know in the comments below!

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