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Even after the rouble's steep decline last week, Russian shoppers are coming out in droves....while they still can.

Russians exchange gifts at Christmas and New Year's....making the end of the year the busiest time for shopping.

As their country's economic problems snowball, shoppers try to focus on enjoying the season while they can


"The mood is great, the weather outside is great, there are so much nice, festive staff in shops that my eyes just keep looking at one, then another one. We buy everything we like." (HUSBAND ALEXEI ADDS) "What we can carry away". (VALENTINA CONTINUES) 'Yes, all we can carry away.

The good times may not last, though.

Some international firms have suspended shipments to Russia -- meaning there may not be much to go around -- and prices will be higher.

But in the meantime, these shoppers are enjoying the holiday spirit and all that comes with it.


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