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Grapeshot - "The Scene" Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Madrid, Spain

Artist Biography: Grapeshot's story dates back to September 2009, Jose (former guitarist Elecktra) and Javi begin to gather ideas; as part of agreeing on who are fed up, they decide to form a metal band. They start alone without a fixed premise, but quickly and naturally arises Grapeshot seed. (Metal old school with an eye on the horizon)
No boxed into a specific genre are giving way to some issues, until it joins Marcos (ex Terroristars), stuck to his incontestable from the battery to provide the strength necessary for the project to have a solid skeleton on which to work.
After almost a year without a bassist, and a quintal of topics in the drawer, Humberto in other genres musician, decides to take up the bass and dive right into the metal.
Days pass and the search for a singer is endless, but that does not undermine the morale of the group still rehearsing and looking for someone to give a voice to the band. In the Christmas 2010, is presented in the audition a man with messiah's beard and six cans of beer, Esteban, whose only experience was a year in a young band called Terror Law. The band doesn't care the experience and 5 minutes to finish the test, They decide to put the icing on this explosive cake with his special voice.
In March 2011 they recorded their first EP in Headroom Studio, composed of four track, and concerts are happening, especially in Madrid, leaving a very good feeling in the audience.
In September 2014 they released their first full-length album "The Scene", where they give good examples of their variety of styles, always with a strong and aggressive base.
So begins the story of Grapeshot, but this is just the beginning ...

Director Name: Esteban Muñoz
Director Link:

Artist Website:

Song Lyrics: THE SCENE

Posers, begging the masses
For some attention
Up on the stage

Purists searching their egos
Under a label
Already created

Nothing new/Under the sun
They like to proclaim

They just wanna/be stars
Got nothing to say

I´m not attending to your show
To your vain attempt
To be someone you are not
You´re completely fake

Clothing, hairstyle n´ piercings
This is your scene
Last fashion games

You can stick your glasses
cap n´ ear gauges.
Up your ass

sectarians segregate
Protecting their shit
They only know to emulate
Their favorite bands

I Saw your standing as a crab
Trying to be cool
Couldn´t be less genuine
Metal has no rules

hey true metalheads around
the same goes for you
Open your mind check this sound
Metal has no rules

I´m Sick and tired of outdated metalheads
Fed up with those who just follow the new fads

Music is a fuel For the heart and soul
Not a vehicle For you to be cool
Metal way of life´s not made for those who
follow metal fads Only when they´re Young
Try to be yourself Not another clone
Of the brand new star teenagers wanna blow
I will give you a chance I´m not a pigheaded
I wish we could have A stronger metal scene

Mass Media and most of metal mags
Can suck my nuts they`re a bunch of crap


I´m not attending to your show To your vain attempt
To be someone you are not You´re completely fake
I´m humbler don´t get me wrong
Just my attitude
I try to teach you with this song
This eternal tune

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Grapeshot - "The Scene" Official Music Video
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