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Dom King - "Distractions" Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Toledo, Ohio, U.S.A.

Artist Biography:

Director Name: Dom King
Director Link:
Producer Name: Mat Grimes
Producer Link:

About The Video: The situation in the video is about the distractions relationships bring before the couple is at the breaking point.

Artist Website:

Song Lyrics: Distractions got my passion
so i puff and pass it
hope it come back while i write this track
i'm sippin' cognac
thinkin' back to when it was perfect
everything right
stay up talkin' all night
now its
fight after fight you don't do me right
even when i'm on it white on rice
shake it no dice
you got me twisted chick you better think twice

we have no communication (what we got)
all we have is frustration
and now its over and now its over

distractions got my passion
so i puff and pass it
hope it come back while i write this track
imma follow my instinct
you ain't get me shit for Christmas i ain't trippin'
you always sayin' that "we too different"
you bitch so much shit i don't even listen, i'm
d d d d distracted focused on riches
too many bitches throwin' ass at me
about 730 pay the hotel fee, i'm out
to the studio in my house
you mad at me but you chose that route
now ya ass out
might as well fuck and pass out

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Dom King - "Distractions" Official Music Video
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