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Research has found that on the days that kids eat pizza, their intake of calories, saturated fat, and sodium goes up, which also boosts the risk for nutrition-related diseases.

Researchers are urging parents to limit their kids' pizza intake.

It contributes more calories, fat, and sodium to their daily diets when eaten compared to other days, according to research recently published in the journal PEDIATRICS.

To avoid the risk of certain diseases related to a poor diet, experts recommend eating healthier pizza or consuming less pizza in a balanced diet.

Study co-author Lisa Powell with the University of Illinois at Chicago suggests that all pizza makers can make an impact on kids’ health by making their pizzas healthier--namely by incorporating whole grains and reducing fat and salt.

The research found that 20 percent of younger children and almost 25 percent of teens eat pizza on any given day.

And when pizza is eaten, it accounts for more than one-fifth of the day’s calories.
Pizza Days Are Bad For Kids’ Nutrition
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