Cinco de Mayo
Every May 5th it's Cinco de Mayo! This Mexican civic holiday is widely celebrated in the US, by anyone who enjoys Mexican culture, in particular fine Mexican food and alcoholic beverages.
Twitter users are not happy about Mike Huckabee's tweet on Cinco de Mayo.

It's Cinco de Mayo and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee's apparent attempt at humor hasn't worked out well on Twitter.
Huckabee tweeted early Friday morning, "For Cinco de Mayo I will drink an entire jar of hot salsa and watch old Speedy Gonzales cartoons and speak Spanish all day. Happy CdMayo!"
Many angry Twitter reactions followed, including, "stick to celebrating your people's culture of wearing khakis from Sears and taking rights away from minorities," and "Wow! You figure that out all by yourself or did you learn that at Trump U?"
One user posted an image of a Clorox bottle with a note, "give this salsa a try."
Meanwhile, his daughter, deputy White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, filled in for Sean Spicer on Friday and had a much different comment about Cinco de Mayo during her press briefing. She noted, Cinco de Mayo is "an opportunity for us all to celebrate the extraordinary contributions that Mexican-Americans have made and continue to make in this country. Yesterday, at the president's personal request, the vice president joined Labor Secretary Acosta, the Mexican ambassador to the United States, and many others for a celebration reception."


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