Stephen Schochet

Once, in the 1920's Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle was surprised when a taxi driver in Marseilles recognized him. The very logical author who believed in fairies and dabbled in mysticism wondered how the cabbie knew who he was. Its elementary," the man said. " Your tan indicates that you are on vacation, the clothes you wear are of British origin and that ink spot on your index finger shows that you are a writer." The scribe who had no idea at that time his famed fictional detective would go on be the most portrayed character in movie history was very impressed. This was more astonishing than anything he'd ever witnessed at a séance. "Sir, I am merely an amateur sleuth, but you are the real life counterpart to my Sherlock Holmes." The Frenchman smiled and nodded as he finished loading the luggage and opened the door for his client. "Of course my best clue turned out to be that your name was on your suitcase." <br /><br />I'm a tour guide in Hollywood who has collected a lot of stories to tell over the years. Author and narrator of the audiobooks Tales Of Hollywood" and "Fascinating Walt Disney". <br /><br />Please feel free to check out my Hollywood Stories Slide Shows. <br /><br />Host and narrator of the syndicated one minute radio feature "Hollywood Stories". <br /><br />Co-host of Hollywood Plus with radio veteran Judi Paparelli. <br /><br />I'm available for Hollywood Stories Speaking Engagements and Hollywood Stories Tours. I can provide buses, limos, and meet and greet services if you are visiting Los Angeles. <br /><br />My web site is