Hot flashes causes and treatment. <br />Hot flashes which are a symptom of menopause are episodes of Sudden feeling of hotness in the face , upper body and some times whole body. Tachycardia rapid regular or irregular heart beating, with palpitation awareness of heart beating. <br /> Flushes which are redness in the body mainly in face and upper body. <br />Sleep disturbances characteristics of hot flashes as it always occur during sleep and associated with night sweats <br />Cold chills (at the end of episode . Other symptoms include Dizziness, Headache, Anxiety and Feeling of suffocation <br />Normally before menopause <br />there is apart in the human brain called hypo thalamus, in which there is a center called regulations center responsible for the body temperature which is set at set point 37 C , the temperature state of our normal body , if any thing change that set point to high or low the hypo thalamus start to send message by special neurotransmitter to the body to change its temperature by being low or high , and all that operation called temperature regulation of the body <br />but In hot flashes <br />There is a decrease of estrogen, that leads to change the set point 5 or 6 grades higher, so the hypo thalamus starts to send messages to the body to change its temperature by changes in the heart and skin <br />Aim of hot flashes treatment is to reduce frequency , and severity of hot flashes episodes . <br />Avoid triggering factors for hot flushes like tress and anxiety and also avoid Alcohol, Diet pills, Spicy food, Caffeine, Smoking, Hot ( shower – beds – rooms –weather –food ) <br />Change your Clothes and Wear in layer , so you can take each layer off , when u get warmer Wear cotton clothes , don’t wear wool , or synthetics one . <br />There are a lot of herbal remedies for hot flashes like estrogen herbs and non estrogen herbs <br />also available Medical treatment for hot flashes like Vitamins for hot flashes as antioxidants and vitamin e <br />usually hot flashes will improve by time