Hope Ludeke

I'm Hope and I believe, with everything in me, that my purpose for living is to change lives forever - it's the passion burning within me. Helping others succeed is my destiny. <br /><br />Born July 14, 1955 with a very humble beginning, early on a fire of compassion for others was sparked and is now a powerful flame that drives what I do. As a little girl, while watching the part of Helen Keller in the movie "Miracle Worker," I was overwhelmed with a desire to help those who struggle to speak. After earning a Masters degree from California State University, I began working in hospitals and public schools as a Speech-Language Pathologist.<br /><br />That same passion to make a difference for others led me in search of a business opportunity that would span the globe. Besides voice coaching, I also mentor people in the areas of: SEO strategies, online marketing, free internet resources, to name a few. I am surrounded by a team of people who have traveled the road to extraordinary success and we're here to help you travel that same exciting path.<br /><br />Since my post is Roseville, near-Sacramento-sunny-California, I love day-trips to the ocean, the mountains and hundreds of other beautiful sites in our state. I enjoy music of all kinds (well almost all). I love singing, playing piano, reading, writing (sometimes poetry in my spare time).<br /><br />At work or at play, my world is made up of people from all walks of life and from many countries. With a strong desire, tremendous energy and many years of experience as a leader in business, I embrace each opportunity to train and develop successful business owners. <br /><br />Lastly and most importantly, I love giving God the credit for all the blessings in my life and for my contagious excitement about the HOPE within me. Thank you so much for spending a few minutes to take a peek into my heart.<br /><br />Gratefully,<br />Hope Ludeke