HitLights Always Affordable LED

HitLights is one of the leading LED products suppliers in North America, located in Louisiana Business and Technology Center. Our goal is making energy-wasting traditional lighting technologies obsolete through the use of energy-efficient, environmentally friendly LED lighting. As you are aware, energy conservation and lowered electrical costs have become a way of life in the 21st century. Our LED's last up to 25,000 hours, over ten years (8 hours per day), which greatly reduces maintenance and replacement costs because LEDs are virtually immune to shock and vibration. Our LED bulbs use a fraction of the electricity (LED lamps use 80% to 90% less energy than the incandescent lamps they replace) necessary to light an incandescent bulb; they significantly reduce power consumption to help achieve energy conservation goals. LED bulbs also remain cool so there is no excessive heat buildup, which can influence building air conditioning costs.<br />HitLights provides high quality LED products at affordable prices to help more people make the change to LED lighting.