Herve Attia

My Quest : Visiting the filming locations of my favorite movies. <br /><br />TWITTER <br />http://twitter.com/herveattia <br /><br />"E.T The Extra Terrestrial " video was removed from youtube and dailymotion due to a copyright claim by NBC Universal <br />It can be watched from this link <br />http://onthesetofet.blogspo... <br /><br />Post-Productions: <br />----------------------- <br />Ferris Bueller day off <br />Lost Boys <br />Home Alone <br />The Untouchables <br />Groundhog Day <br />The Fog <br />Christine <br /><br />Pre-Productions: <br />---------------------- <br />Goonies <br />Raiders of Lost Ark <br />Star Wars <br />Wargames <br />Back to the furture <br />Stand by me <br />An Officer and a Gentleman <br />The Thing <br /><br />Stay tuned and Subscribe! <br /><br />"Too often are we so preoccupied with the destination, we forget the journey." --Unknown. <br /><br />*****Thank You for rating my videoS*****