I'm a fan to Danny Phantom mostly but also magic and super hero shows. Fan to Winx Club, Teen Titan, Batman, Xiaolin Warriors, Kim Possible, Hannah Montana, Hilary Duff, Smallville,and High school Musical. That's all I can remember right now.But i'm definitely a huge Fan of Danny Phantom and saw every espiodes and never missed any of the them at all!!! Please respect Danny Phantom or at least don't say anything about him if you're not going to say something nice about his show unless you don't know the show then I can understand that. I'm also a vegetarian too and for three year almost. I care for animal. I'm still in school and a hard worker. I speak spanish very well (Yo hablo espanol muy bien.). Well, other than that, my career most definitely would becoming an astronaut and I believe I can do it even if there's a lot of competition; however, I don't believe in competition because we're all a team. What causes me to be inspired was Sally Ride once I've read about her in third grades. That's when it all started and I learned so much I go on. There's no one stopping me. I'm getting much knowledge about space and NASA program. I will fly into space and feel the wonderful moment even if I'm taking this serious when flying up. I know I can do anything especially for myself because I don't think one astronaut has hearing loss or deaf or both. I believe I'll be the first hard of hearing astronaut woman. I will never give that up.