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... Finding a consensus with other band members may sometimes be difficult but working all by himself likewise is no option. “I need the input of kindred minds and feedback”. That’s why he decided to launch his solo project under the name H.Bliss…………Why H.Bliss?

H.Bliss is a man (Henry Gillet), a new fantastic band (Olivier Van Steirtegem: guitars, piano; Mounir Kadjaj: Drums, backing vocals; Cédric De Meersman: Bass, Backing vocals; Elia: Backing vocals, Raph: Saxophone) and a whole bunch of people that believes and works in this growing project (Dada studios: recording studios in Brussels, Nicolas Van Dijk: photographer, Philippe Nickels and Nicolas Postal: web designer, Raphaël: saxophonist, Philippe Mayne: upcoming tour manager, Guy Rens: synthesizers on the three songs, Pierre Gillet: brother and best advisor.

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