Harry Juselius

Hi I am Harry, I like diving, traveling and to film and take photos. <br /><br />I will show you Harry´s adventures around and under water, in the air and some films are taken in the nature and some are town films and so on, but sadly all this is coming to its end.<br /><br />I have been waiting this day to come and now its here, my video sharing hobby will end as up till no I have have troubles with the music used in my films, no license, as you cannot get the license for the music no where, I have really tried, like Sony Music said to me ...sorry Harry we do not have such not commercial use licensing system for you, and I was just just informed that they cannot show my latest film as there is third party violence with the first song so that´s it, .....no use to edit films with in plim blom elevator music as the music is part of the feeling which I try to create and show in my films...no...all nice runs out sooner or later...well we see how long my old films are shown and there will not be any new ones any more.<br /><br />Thanks you for all my film viewers its been quite journey so many nice things out there to see and show to you.<br /><br />Harry<br /><br />PS. <br />Easiest way to solve that license problem would be that when the analyzer program finds no licence free music it used it sends a message to the film maker as me that just pay this reasonable sum about using this song in your film .....and everybody would be happy... at leas I would be happy to pay.