hello, i'm harrietamidala1691 from youtube. Now, for a while, people have asked me about my username, and I am going to answer those questions once and for all. Contrary to what people think, harriet is not my real name, as I stated above--it's actually Rebecca. <br /><br />When I created my account over a year and a half ago on Youtube, I was into harry potter and star wars then--harriet is for harry potter because it's the feminine form of harry. Amidala is for star wars after queen amidala (one of my favorite star wars characters, although I didn't like her in Episode III). 16 was the age I created my account (I'm 18 now) and 91 is the year I was born. Now the mystery's been decoded. <br /><br />People have suggested that Harriet could also represent Harriet Jones and Harry Sullivan for Doctor Who, but that was never my intent. I I knew absolutely nothing about Daleks or the TARDIS or anything else--in fact, at the time, I don't think I even knew about doctor who at all! Shocking now, because I'm a big fan now, but it's true. <br /><br />Here is my personal ranking of all ten doctors (I don't believe in idea of "bad" doctors, but I do prefer some over others, so don't be offended if I rank a Doctor low): <br /><br />1. David Tennant (my Doctor) <br />2. Peter Davison (my favorite classic series Doctor) <br />3. Tom Baker (second favorite--in truth, this is really a three-way tie) <br />4.Sylvester McCoy <br />5. Patrick Troughton <br />6. Jon Pertwee <br />7. Colin Baker <br />8. Paul McGann (I actually like him, but I don't like the movie, his rank will rise once I listen to the audios) <br />9. Christopher Eccleston (too intense for my taste) <br />10. William Hartnell (good, but not my favorite) <br /><br />