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Roll forming machine is a continuous forming operation in which a long stripe of sheet metal is passed through sets of roll tools mount on following stands, each set performing only an incremental part of the forming, until the preferred cross-section profile is obtained. Roll forming machine is perfect for manufacturing Different kind of profile like (roofing type, c to z type, ceiling channel type, u type and much more ) with long lengths and in large quantity.

Roll formed Machine may have compensation over extrusions of a similar profiles. Roll forming machine parts may be much lighter, with thinner walls possible than in the extrusion forming process, and stronger, having been work hardened in a cold state

Production Capacity
The manufacture rate depends greatly on the material width and the bending radius; it is also affected by the number of stations or steps required. For bend radii of 50 times the material thickness of a low carbon steel .07 in thick can range from 85 feet per minute through 8 roll forming machine stations to 55 feet per minute through 12 roll forming machine stations or 50 feet per minute through 22 roll forming machine stations.

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