Brent Gunderson

The lawyers at Gunderson Denton & Peterson are amongst the best in their distinct areas of practice. The qualified team of lawyers deliver the following services in Arizona: <br /><br />Business Law: Our staff of business attorneys will help you in many areas of corporate matters, including negotiating commercial or residential contracts, settling a variety of partnership contracts, counseling business owners about constructing corporations and LLCs, as well as help mediate arguments among business partners. <br /><br />Estate Planning: Estate Planning is vital when preparing for the future of family in the eventuality of fatality, and even impairment. It could be a tough and confusing procedure, but we know at Gunderson Denton & Peterson, careful planning to secure your family, look after them, together with protecting your possessions is a priority! We could help you understand the process with vital and careful planning for your loved ones. <br /><br />Immigration Law: Having an Immigration lawyer is crucial when considering trying to get an Investors Visa or E-2 Visa, along with the EB-5 Visa. By getting either of those Visas, you're granted authorization to reside in and work in the United States while establishing your company, in addition to qualifications to file for access to your Green Card. <br /><br />Franchise Law: Getting a franchise attorney on hand when you are able to take the first steps into acquiring a start-up franchise is vital, because they can help you with all of the prerequisites, guidance and legal coverage you'll need in the event of liability troubles or disagreements and claims. <br /><br />Our Arizona attorneys also offer services for employment law, collections law, international estate planning, probate law, and much more. <br /><br />For more information regarding Gunderson Denton & Peterson and our skilled personnel of business lawyers, get a hold of us today at (480) 655-7440 or visit our website at