Guitar in a Nutshell

Guitar in a Nutshell is a new method especially devised for beginners on acoustic guitar. It's fast, simple and it works <br /><br />Our goal is to teach you a compact system which is quick to learn and allows you to start playing songs as soon as possible. In fact, once you have completed the first 4 lessons from the DVD you'll have all you need to play literally 100's of popular songs. The strums we use are universal and during the lessons you'll naturally absorb the system so anytime you hear a song you will automatically 'hear' which strum number to use in your mind! <br /><br />Who is this site for? <br /><br />If you are a complete beginner or have been playing awhile but still can't put it all together to play songs then this site is perfect for you! Try the free material... <br /><br />