Groupon Houston, Living Social & <br />Foursquare now have a brand new, <br />deal-a-day social couponing network <br />to compete against. <br /><br />It's called FlutterBuck. Flutterbuck <br />is a new, daily deal network that offers <br />actual cash rewards for referring people <br />to group buys or group buying events. <br /><br />This makes FlutterBuck, very different <br />than Groupon, Foursquare or Living Social, <br />by giving cash rewards for referring others <br />to group buys and daily deals in Houston, <br />Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas and surrounding <br />areas. <br /><br />Groupon Houston,Groupon Dallas,Groupon Texas,local deals Fort Worth, Living Social Fort Worth,deal a day Houston, daily deal Houston, daily groupon Houston,