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last year by plumpones
Busty babes are awesome!
3 years ago by squirtking
Slang Terms for Breasts: A-Z <br /><br />Slang terms for big breasts: B <br />B-52s, babaloos, baby baits, baby feeders, baby's best friend, baby's dinners, baby's public house, Babylons, back rubbers, backbreakers, backrests, bag o' groceries, baggies, baggos, bagos, bags,...
3 years ago by squirtking
balboas, balcony, ballistics, balloons, baloobas, banana squeezers, bangers, bangles, banzais, baps, barbeaus, barnacles, basketballs, bassoons, bath toys, batons,...
3 years ago by squirtking
battleships, baubles, bazongas, bazonkers, bazookas, bazoomas, bazooms, bazoombas, beacons, beanbags, beautiful eyes, bebops, bedtime beach balls, bee stings, begonias, bejonkers, Berthas, best friends, betties, BiBs (bigger is better!), big bazooties, big Berthas, big boppers, big brown eyes, big foot radials, big sacks of jugs, bigguns, bijongas, bikini stuffers, billibongs,...
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