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Nespresso is the brand name of Nestlé Nespresso SA, an operating unit of the Nestlé Group. Nespresso products are based on a proprietary system of single-serving "capsules" containing ground coffee, and specialized machines to brew espresso from the contents of the capsules. Capsules are available in a wide range of coffee varieties. The company is based in Paudex, Switzerland and has about 2,500 employees worldwide. Its machines are sold through retail channels, while the capsules are sold online and in about 175 "coffee boutiques" in 30 countries.
revenue / CHF 1,6 milliard (2007)
Employees : 2 400
160 stores (16 in Switzerland)
Creation : 1947 Paudex Switzerland
Manager Richard Girardot (CEO)
Activities : Beverages

The first patent application for the process of extracting coffee from capsules containing freshly ground coffee was filed in 1976. Starting from 1986 the system was first introduced to the business market, and subsequently to the domestic household market.

The company also sell a plethora of other Nespresso-branded products, such as coffee cups, sugar and capsule holders, and even Nespresso spoons

In terms of taste, another issue is that Nespresso machines do not provide the ability to tune the strength of a coffee by controlling the amount of ground coffee as can be done with traditional pump espresso machines.

Criticisms have been raised regarding the ecological implications of Nespresso. In terms of ecological impact, each cup of Nespresso coffee produces aluminum waste, the main material of the capsule. Recycling aluminum represents energy savings of up to 95% in comparison with the production of primary aluminum.

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