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Welcome to my group! This is a group for My Little Pony fans. Anybody may join. Here are the rules:

1. No videos, topics, or comments that support anything evil (Nazis, death, profanity, racism, crime, terrorism, or anything ant-semetic).

2. My Little Pony videos ONLY!

3. Be supportive of all Hasbro's My Little Pony products.

4. No videos posted to this group will appear in the list until they have been aproved by an administrator.

5. No spamming or advertising! If it isn't obvious that you are a My Little Pony fan, it is up to you to demonstrate that you are before you are removed from the group. Sorry, but we get way too many spammers.

6. Whether or not their parents should allow it, children can and do browse our videos and topics. We are being watched closely and judged harshly. Please avoid profanity and other inappropriate behaviour. After all, Hasbro's target market for our collective interest is for the children, and our behaviour should reflect that and support the creators of our livelihood and their motives.

Thank you for adhering to the rules, and please enjoy each other's company and videos! And remember, when you find other My Little Pony fans out there, invite them to join our group and share their interest in My Little Pony with us =)

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