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Balázs Havasi (born 18 September 1975) is a Hungarian pianist and composer. He studied the tricks of the trade with the greatest masters of classical music for nearly 25 years, and then did experiments for another 10 years to create his peculiar and unique musical world. As a contemporary composer he has launched four completely different musical projects, including compositions for a symphony orchestra, the rock drum and the piano. It is common knowledge that he enjoys stretching the limits, often artificially established, of musical genres. Havasi wrote a song for singer Tracey Thorn and gave a speech at the TED Global conference about his efforts in musical innovation. He soon became popular as a pianist and a composer. He is known for his fondness of Asian culture and martial arts, which he practiced for years. Havasi’s impulsive personality, special communication skills and extraordinary effect on the audience put him in a privileged situation where his works became known to millions within a short time. He is proud that much of his success derives from world-famous Hungarian music education and believes that even an artist born in a small country can fulfil his dreams.
Havasi first played the piano of his sister by ear all by himself, at the age of four. He was soon known as one of the most amazing talents in classical music. In 1996, at the age of 21, he was already a teacher at Weiner Leó Conservatory. He then went on to study at Franz Liszt Academy of Music, one of the most prestigious musical universities in the world.
Havasi launched the Drum&Piano Project, one of his most youthful musical productions, with his friend, percussionist Endi Kiss, in 2011. The project is based on a special match of the classical piano and the rock drum, and debuted to a global audience at TED Global, one of the most prestigious scientific conferences, in Scotland.
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