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The group's history began in 1984 when Sixto Ayvar Alborada founded in his hometown, Occobamba. His music inspired by folklore basically the Peruvian Andes, is carried by Sixtucha to Germanic lands, finally settling in the city of Cologne. Since then his musician's ear is enlarged by all genres and styles that coexist in a cosmopolitan city, providing a different sensitivity to instruments regardless of origin. The traditional Andean music, hands and voices of Alborada, is modernized, is renewed.

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Înfiinţată 1984
Gen New Age - Folk
Membri Sixto Ayvar (Atuq)
Lennin Tower (Alli Qampy)
Victor Valley (Tatanka)
Wilber Ayvar (Puma Qawaq) ..
Natal Oraşul Occobamba - Cusco
Current Domiciliul;Germany & UK
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Istoricul dupa ani
Întemeiat in 1984

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