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6 years ago by Jacky What is my name?
less >> Yeah ! Rip Dimebag
6 years ago by Adol Wunsuk
RIP Dime.
6 years ago by Lee Vesk
Near this dark birthday, i fell "fucking hostile". <br />Near the "cemetary gates", i'm "hollow and "i'm broken". <br />I fell like i "live in a hole". <br />I would like have "5 minutes alone" to pray for the "cowboys from hell". <br />Then with "good friends and a bottle of pils", we'll "rise", "walk" together <br />And keep "this love" for Dimebag Darrell Abbott.
6 years ago by Lee Vesk
I hope "no good" and no rest for that man, "by demons be driven", who wrote this "message in blood", <br />This guy who "slaughtered" Dime and the other. hope that he walk "13 steps to nowhere". <br />"Yesterday don't mean shit", but you guys and "the great southern trendkill", wrote past forever.
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