Extras & Tools

Dailymotion Stream

Dailymotion Stream makes it easy to enjoy Dailymotion videos, let you sit back, relax and be entertained. All videos play in full screen at the highest quality, perfect for sharing on a Google TV or any big screen. Try it out at dailymotion.com/stream.

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The Jukebox allows you to broadcast videos according to criteria that you select. They can be your videos, your favorites, videos from your groups, whatever. The Jukebox can be added to any website or blog, and can be opened by any browser. It's also possible to upload videos directly to your Groups through the Jukebox !

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Dailymotion badge

Promote your latest video uploads and easily gain new subscribers by displaying a preview of your Channel on your website or blog. It's really easy! All you have to do is pick a layout and copy and paste the embed code into your HTML!

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Videowalls let you display a group of videos on your site with a slick interface. You can display up to 81 videos in a Videowall.You can create Videowalls from a user or group profile page by clicking the "Create a Videowall" button, located in the profile pane just beneath the user or group description.

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Mass Uploader

The Mass Uploader is an application that allows you to upload multiple videos to Dailymotion without even visiting the Dailymotion website.Please be advised that application requires the Adobe Air software, which we will install automatically if you do not currently have the software.

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On Facebook? Add the Dailymotion Facebook application to your account to browse, upload and share videos - all within Facebook.This application will display the most recent uploads to your Dailymotion account directly within your Facebook profile. It lets you explore the latest featured videos, access your favorite videos, and share them all with your Facebook friends.

» Login to Facebook and add the Daillymotion application!

Player API

Are you a web developer? Do you like to build new experiences based on existing platforms? We invite our users to do something creative with the Dailymotion player, and have published a Player Tools page detailing both our JavaScript and Flash APIs. Let us know what you come up with!

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Add OpenSearch to your browser and instantly search millions of videos in Dailymotion's catalog. All you have to do is start typing your query, then choose from the suggestions in the dropdown to go directly to the relevant video.

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