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antonio cariola
3 years ago by antonio cariola
Jean Hancok
Salut !! Je viens de poster ma nouvelle composition, elle se nomme "Urban Traffic".
Bonne écoute !!! Et bon week-end !
Jean Hancok
5 years ago by Jean Hancok
There will be hundreds of videos, more detailed than the 9 mminutes I have had posted for free in the last 2 years on the internet. The school will start next month and I wil made an anouncement for that a week before .Thank you for watching my videos and I will wait you as students soon, in my jewelry on line teaching school.
5 years ago by giacomo
I've decided to limit tthe acces to my videos because a person "took" 71 of my videos using them on his website and I have to protect my work. These videos are deleted now from that website and I start working at a jewelry on line school , where all my videos will be accessed by my students . Thanks for watching my videos,
5 years ago by giacomo

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