Jack and Samantha Relationship shipper <br /><br />"I really want this (relationship) to work. I would like to be all things that you need me to be," Jack says to Sam. <br /><br />"You know how I feel...You know how I always felt about you, " Sam to Jack. <br /><br />"Anthony is the second man in my one of my favorite people on the planet,” Poppy says. <br /><br />Jack: I just thought to stick around and see what opportunities opened up." <br /><br />Sam: "You know it's know, you have a lot of potential." <br /><br />Jack "found" her, and she doesn't "have to do this alone anymore." <br /><br />"What we had, it was good. It was what we both needed." (L&F) <br /><br />"I think it's a great love story..." PM says. <br /><br />"The fans want to see Jack and Sam get together," she says. "I agree. If the show ends I'd like to see them ride off into the sunset together," Poppy says. <br />