lady kashmir charette

i study the world with open kashmir's soft winter hats pretty belly dance ,Kashmir's world goddess ,super star,middle,eastern,studio,instruction,performer, hot, world belly dancer super star gypsy goddess,kashmir,modern, <br />ladykashmir events, middle, eastern, Turkish, ,BELLY DANCE events,jewelry belly dance super star Ohio instruction middle eastern modern studio festivals events 2012 classes gypsy goddesseyes ,the time i have to give in this life is never-ending and at the same time sort ,for life is a gift we must endeavor to fight for the magic and beauty, i have traveled all over the world and have had such amazing opportunity to study with some of the most amazing artist dancers as ,i grow and learn and change with the tides of life i can only hope to meet the goals in my mind .i am an over achiever ,and started oil painting at the age of 4,years old ,the study of classical music came to me at the age of 7, my first and true love the dance the interpretation of dancing with music has and will always be my first and true love, as soon as i could stand i was dancing ,and painting at the age of 4 ,i know french , Lebanese ,Spanish , i am so proud to have had these opportunities to share my life i will continue to grow and change ,and adapt to what ever kind of music is brought to my life my true love to interpret music and dance this is a little about my life thus far i am so happy you came to see my site contact me join me in my never-ending journey to the center of the music to the core of the dance love to all lady kashmir