Viral, Go

branded content distribution <br /><br />In a world where more and more media becomes digital, and more and more of digital media becomes social, brands have to take a new approach. Trying to attract consumers to a brand experience, on a single website for example, is a traditional solution. The more novel idea however, is to create and cultivate a distributed brand experience. Information is highly decentralized nowadays, with consumers scattered around the web in millions of different environments. Being present where information is shared is becoming more and more important. <br />we do <br /><br />GoViral distributes branded content in digital environments in order to create a unique online presence for brands. The idea is to take advantage of the inherent power of the user's networks and launch branded content campaigns in the right surroundings where users are interested in engaging with the brand. Our global Seed&Track solution and Publishing Network helps marketers reach people globally in more than 80 countries. In all countries we distribute content based campaigns on local languages, on local sites and with local publishers. We bring branded content such as commercials, games, widgets etc. to places where people meet on the internet - creating high-volume, targeted and cost-effective branding campaigns. <br />we are <br /><br />GoViral was established in 2005, to provide seeding and tracking services for media agencies, ad agencies and advertisers. Since then, the company has grown from the two original founders to an international operation. <br /><br />Currently, GoViral operates out of several European cities serving award winning creative agencies, media agencies and marketers around the world. Global management is located in London and technical research, production and development is located in Copenhagen. Sales offices, media planning and consulting are located in London, Copenhagen and Hamburg, with global partners in Milan, Moscow and Tokyo.