Ich glaube, Deine Gruppe taucht bei mir nur auf, wenn Du gerade online bist...Boycott Google hat so etwas ähnliches erwähnt...würde passen!
Google is out.
Yep Yoda, just was just reading it .... here a link for english speaking people
Dalsky, Thanks for the tips. I will give those add ons a try. At least they are not forcing anything down my throat yet. I just hate how they pay google any money at all. Google will just keep them down in the long run.
@BoycottGoogle<br /><br />part 1 You will rarely find big sites today that do not allow google crap scripts. Most are not functional when you block google, but good sites are! So it doesn't make sense to boycott half or more of the internet. All you have to do is to download 2 extension,
part 1.5 lol ... , I use Firefox as a browser and use the add ons NoScript and Ghostery. the first to block (not just ggogle-)scripts, the second to block (not just google-) trackers. You can set the rules on a site basis and DM is completely functional for me when I disallow/block google a 100%.
part 2 . So you CAN boycott them by using DM ..... try this with other sites .... good luck ;)<br /><br />That's what the group is for, discussing stuff like that and looking together for help and solutions :D . If DM wouldn't be functional without google I wouldn't have joint in the first place ;)
I just saw on the status bar at the bottom left when the DM page is loading, it said "google-analytics". So since DM uses google I am hearby boycotting DM as well, see ya folks.