Welcome to my world :) Great vids i've made check out my site with loads of new videos every week. Hi Ya!! More Videos will be added from the next couple of days and so lets start with a totp disco performance. Hi ya guys :) more clips to come. keep on visiting?? <br /><br />Well guys, more clips, keep 'em coming, sorry the Gina G clip and the Chic clip had been rejected due to some company. I hope converting these vids make me worry go down. <br /><br />More vids coming soon enough from Sting & the Police and more disco ones :) Watch this space. If people start enjoying them for a week or two. <br /><br />I'll be doing the #1 singles into the next couple of months. watch out! <br /><br />Glamking http://glamking2.blogspot.com <br />