Gigantic Releasing

Tired of hearing or reading about movies that never come to your town? Frustrated that you have to wait for the DVD to see indie films that are playing this weekend in theaters out of your area? That frustration ends this minute! <br /><br />Welcome to the future of first run independent film-going! If one of our films is not or will not be playing in a theater near you, you can watch it today. Right now! For a ticket price of just $2.99, we’ll stream it to you in super high quality. And you can watch it as often as you like for 3 full days before your ticket expires. And there’s some excellent free stuff to watch too! So give the babysitter the night off, park the car in the garage, microwave some popcorn and settle in for a relaxed movie-going experience where you can talk all you want (although we don’t recommend it) and where you never have to turn off your Blackberry (although we do recommend that.) <br /><br />Have suggestions, comments or questions? Please let us know!