Phillip Mountrose

Hi, we're Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose. <br /><br />Our research and exploration took us deeply into studying spirituality, holistic and integrative healing, energy psychology, and integrative and alternative medicine. <br /><br />We made our own contributions to the energy healing field by adding our Getting Thru Techniques (GTT), which help people quickly get to core issues, and Spiritual Kinesiology (SK) a powerful method using an NLP approach to heal from the soul. <br /><br />By 1999, we had both become successful enough to leave our jobs as architect and school teacher and become full time in the holistic healing field. <br /><br />In 2006, we began ordaining ministers of holistic healing through our Awakenings Institute, a non-profit organization, devoted to soul growth and holistic healing. <br /><br />Since 2000, we have been developing and teaching material on manifestation. In the process we refined many effective techniques and approaches, including some we developed ourselves. The results encouraged us to write Manifesting Your Dreams with EFT, SK and More. <br /><br />The next step was developing what we knew was missing in most people's attempts to manifest: an ongoing support system. In 2007 we launched this Master Spirit website, which builds on masterminding, where you partner with others to reach your goals. but inner fulfillment as well. <br /><br />Since we keep following our heartfelt soulful promptings, we have continued to create a wonderful life, one that has fulfilled and exceeded our expectations. We are excited about our new dreams and helping so many more people fulfill their dreams and goals. To connect with even more people, we are now offering more teleclasses and holistic coaching and healing certification programs via telecourse. <br /><br />We love helping people improved their health and relationships, gain greater prosperity and accelerate their spiritual growth.