Gary Sinclair

Music videos of all genres: classical, country, jazz, blues Gospel, world, rock etc. <br /><br />I worked in most areas of the music industry for over twenty years. <br /><br />My family have all been musicians: My father Lex played upright bass and a Gibson Ripper, my mother Violet (deceased) played classical piano and sang in various bands and shows, Lynne my sister played violin, Jeff my brother played flute & I played a little bass guitar; but not continued. My Granddad Ernie Sinclair is a Canterbury Legend as he was a dynamic pianist and bandleader in Timaru. Dad was once a member of The Plainsmen with Norman & Claude Stringer. <br /><br />My daughter Emma plays guitar, piano, harmonica & flute & has a You Tube channel under "Evlinder". <br /><br />My videos are purely promotional and there is no personal financial gain. <br /><br />If I use Copyrighted material; I do my best to contact the parties concerned first to gain authority. <br /><br />If I have put a video on DailyMotion of your music and you want it removed please contact me.