I am an artist living in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. A city of about 33,000 people, referred to as the friendly city. Although it is not all that friendly at times (no place is) there is a large arts community here and a vast landscape of amazing scenery to draw inspiration from. I have been doing art for as long as I can remember - be it sketching, photography, or my passion digital art; I feel the need to create. Art is more than just a hobby it is a way of life. It shapes you and molds you just as you shape and mold your work. My wish for all is that they could see the world in the way an artist does. <br /><br />I am a single male born November 18, 1966. I live with chronic pain in my legs and back and am disabled. But that is not what defines me as a person; my need to create and to do things for others is what defines me. I have an endless capacity to create and to love others as I would love myself. In short I would say of myself, I am kind, intelligent and creative.