His father was a minister, musician and gospel singer who helped nurture Gary's God given singing talents. Needles to say, Gary's childhood was filled with southern gospel music, as his entire family was gifted with musical talents. <br /><br />Gary's fondest memories were the family Gospel Music Jam's. After over indulging in Mom's Sunday Feast, they would gather to sing and praise the Lord, with a hefty sprinkling of their country music favorites. <br /><br />Through the grace of God, Gary now stands on the stage almost every week somewhere immersed in a charismatic aura with inspirational music that appeals to all ages. <br /><br />Gary has appeared on the Music City Gospel Showcase as seen on National TV and Global Satellite Networks. However, Gary's most memorable performance was the wonderful privilege to sing at his Mom and Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary. His most heartfelt, yet rejoicing moment was singing for his Mom and Dad the day they went home to Jesus. <br /><br />For a time, Gary stepped away from his gospel music ministry. Gary says, "My reason for departing (feelings of inadequacy and not being worthy) were mere excuses that I allowed to block my way". <br /><br />The Lord touched Gary's heart to take up the cross and along with urgings from family, friends and fellow artists, Gary is doing what Jesus has always meant for him to do and what he Must Do! <br /><br />Gary has recorded two recent projects. One, a DVD while performing at the Music City Gospel Showcase Convention and Awards Show. And two, his new CD "God Still Answers Prayer" recorded at White Harvest Studios. Gary's selection of songs takes you back with cherished Ole’ Time Gospel classics that is sure to inspire and bless all who receive them. <br /><br />"I know the credit for my voice and my gospel music ministry belongs to and is, because of God's merciful grace. I will always glorify Him for everything He does in and through me".