I I'm a fma freek and I love make amv's..........what more is there to say for this description? XD <br /><br />9/7/11: hay sorry its been sorry that its been so long but i'v been busy. i know u all wanted to see my SeT fIrE tO tHe RaIn but i was having computer problems with it (i'll go back to it later, if it will work) so i just did something new (i know its short but i wanted to give u guys something be for i go to college in a week and a half) so ya, enjoy! ;3 <br /><br />Working on: SeT fIrE tO tHe RaIn (working on now) <br />EvErY tEaRdRoP iS a WaTeR fAlL (on hiatus) <br />GoOd LiFe (on hiatus) <br />(i don't know when I'll be done with them b/c i just started it) <br /><br />Finished: TuRnInG tAbLeS {RoYaI} <br /><br />my youtube channal: