Cody Michael

Galveston House Deals is one of the counties top premier Real Estate & Business Investment providers that specializes in the acquisition of below market properties and companies in emerging markets. We invest and partner in real estate & business both locally and nationally (Galveston & Texas). One of the unique facets of Cody Michael & Galveston House Deals is the strong long term relationships we have with people who bring deals & opportunities or the people whom we send deals too. Our success is partly parlayed by a transformational way of thinking and a focus on loyalty, relationships and results.<br /><br />We are cash or creative buyers and can relatively close quickly depending on the transaction and the type of deal. We do partner at times with individuals who want to invest with us but we are very selective. We don’t just focus on returns but we focus on the long term sustainability of the relationship and the ability do to many great deals safely, securely and very profitably; not just one deal here and there.<br /><br />We are huge supporters of deals that are executed in a creative manner or outside the box; whether it be seller financing or lease options. One of the many reasons we have achieved so much success is that we are very good at problem solving and finding the solutions to make any deal work.