Gala Rizzatto

New York, United States
Gala is an Italian pop singer-songwriter best known for her 1998 album Come Into My Life featuring "Freed From Desire", "Let a Boy Cry", “Come Into My Life.

Her album Come into My Life was released in 1998, with 3 singles charting in the Top 10 across Europe, Russia and South America.

Referred to by her fans as a “cult artist” for her minimalist look and haunting voice, Gala suddenly disappeared at the top of her success leaving behind an air of mystery.

After Breaking free from her former label and settling in Brooklyn, Gala formed her own record label "Matriarchy Records" and independently produced and released music and vidéos since 2005.


Hi ! She looks like me at her beginning !
Last year by Dina808
pasquale davino
ciao gala
2 years ago by pasquale davino
Gala Rizzatto
Currently editing my concert footage from Arles. Will be updating soon.
4 years ago by Gala Rizzatto
Michel Reverte
Joyeuses Fêtes et Bonne Année 2010
5 years ago by Michel Reverte

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