DJ MEC FLY’s music career started at the age of 10 when his father bought him a Yamaha keyboard as a birthday gift. This small birthday present changed DJ MEC FLY’s direction in life big time because it was so obvious that he was born for music. He also combined his talent in bass guitar with keyboard which effected a huge role in his music careeer where he mixes different tunes together and create a new genre as he grows in the industry. <br /><br />He was just a teenager when he was in the DJ cabin for the first time not only by his luck but also by his talent. By luck; because the other DJ did not show up that day on time so that led a new path for our little boy. <br /><br />His music performance started to attract attention so he has worked with some well known managers in Turkey such as Cemre Ozturk, Nurdan Guler, Cenk Erdem, Emre Cebeci, Volkan Caliskan, etc. He received respect in the industry in a very short time even before his first record called “High Tech Records” published in London. He teaches solfegé and DJ lessons at the Academy Harmony Sertificate Programs of Istanbul Culture University. <br /><br />He is currently working on his new album “Wayy bee”.