Funnel Of Darkness

Funnel Of Darkness is a comedy series that follows adventure filmmaker Keith Severe and his team of storm chasers (Team Severe) as they tear through America's heartland in a race to capture the best up-close and personal tornado footage the world has ever seen. A modern day storm chasing A-Team, the men that compromise Team Severe are a rag tag lot of storm chasing misfits and rock and roll dreamers. <br /><br />"The Funnel Baggin' Rally," America's oldest and largest unsanctioned tornado-driven competition is the premiere event for any storm chaser worth his weight in weather and the winner gets $10,000. Taking place in the Oklahoma Panhandle area every spring during high tornado season, the week-long competition offers a cash prize to the team that captures the most compelling moving image of a tornado. Teams are made up of acclaimed professionals, award-winning scientists and, well...these guys. <br /><br />Unfortunately, Team Severe's passion for booze, women and infighting can get in the way of victory. Packed in their beloved (and rapidly decaying) RV they call "Bad Brains," Keith, Rich, James, Brian and Mike have set out to conquer "The Funnel Baggin' Rally." With their nemesis, Christine and her cohorts Lisa and Lisa hot on their heels, Team Severe runs roughshod over the Southwest in their mobile headquarters as they break hearts, kill brain cells, play rock gigs, and most importantly, lay it all on the line in their quest for tornado supremacy.