【You Tube@My Channel 】 <br />http://www.youtube.com/user/fujika0430 <br />. <br />. <br />※I'm sorry. <br />I can speak only Japanese. <br /><br />京都祇園で舞妓&芸妓を経験した後、現在は銀座クラブのホステス業に奮闘中! <br />興味あったらブログを覗いてみてくだされ♪ <br /><br />I had been working as Maiko (an apprentice geisha) and Geiko ( a geisha in Kyoto) for ten years in Kyoto. After these experiences, I retuned my hometown, Tokyo. <br />I am now working as a hostess for a nightclub in Ginza, one of famous downtown areas in Tokyo. <br /> Since I operate my own web site that covers a lot of my portraits, if you are interested in this introduction, could you look at my site. <br />Thank you! <br />(Translated by Kane-gon.) <br />. <br />.