Hello and thank you for visiting. <br /><br />In this channel you will find my original work and some of my favorite covers. <br /><br />Currently I have a few things going on musically. A solo project (my first solo album is available, click on the BUY links below) a couple of projects as a guest musician plus a 2 cover bands. <br /><br />MY GEAR: <br /><br />-Guitar Port from Line 6 for home practicing <br />-POD X3 Live pedal board from Line 6 <br />-Roland JC 77 amplifier <br />-Randall KH-120 Stack amplifier <br />-Yamaha YPT310 Keyboard <br /><br />My GUITARS: <br /><br />-Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci 7 BFR <br />-Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci 2007 LE <br />-Gibson Les Paul Standard Blonde Beauty <br />-Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro <br />-Epiphone Flying V Korina 1958 reissued <br />-Ibanez RG 570 <br />-ESP LTD EC-1000 <br />-Ovation Celebrity electro-acoustic <br />-Norman electro-acoustic 12 string <br />-Ibanez Electro-Classical guitar <br />-Ibanez GSR205 5-String Bass <br /><br />Thanks for the feedback and your questions. For FAQ please visit <br /><br /> <br /><br />I enjoy responding to your enquiries. <br />Just don't ask for tabs, I don't write any. <br /><br />Cheers <br />Francisco