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fourten is a creative studio specializing in graphic design, video production,
digital photography, and website development.

video // using high-definition video and editing, we go the extra mile to make
your film project look professional and cutting edge. we use broadcast quality
high-definition audio with wireless microphone systems, as well as on-board
microphones for all of our productions. other specialties include green-screen
(chroma-key), lighting, after effects, 3d motion graphics, crane/ dolly shots, digital enhancements and color corrections.

photo // fourten can help you build a solid gallery of high quality, high
resolution, and incredibly detailed photos. your existing photos can also be
edited or retouched. specializing in high dynamic range, landscape, product,
and portrait photography, we add enhanced quality and design to all of our
photography projects.

web // we'll work with you to design a user-friendly website that is easy to use.
minimalist sites load quick, take fewer server resources, and are often faster to
develop than more graphically complicated designs. plus, they give a
professional, clean impression to visitors. we also offer hosting and seo services.

identity // getting to know you and your brand helps us develop an identity that
represents the vision of your company. from there we can develop stationary,
business cards, post cards, apparel and other promotional materials.

apparel // professional business, or rock band, we will take your graphic concept and see it through to completion. our relationship with local screen printers and blank apparel suppliers make us a one-stop-shop.

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