CSHOT...aRTiST x c.e.o of FoReVeR FLy LLC I am an Independent hybrid artist blending a unique flavor of Hip Hop / Dancehall creating my own genre I call "Topshottahiphop". I put in a lot of groundwork to get to this point & my muzik is a direct reflection. Forever FLy is my brand & I intend to take it globally to be respected as the next brand to watch for. I'm a few albums deep, heavy on the web (google CSHOT), and on the street you can check my albums such as Scotch Bonnet, Shotta Muzik, The Slaughter, The Kush Kronicles, Bright Llights and Big Faces, Get Down or Lay Down, #Smokedoutsundays etc the list goes on...the muzik speaks for itself, just listen! My clothing line "PriVe" is exciting, urban couture limited to only a few pieces per production which makes each piece very exclusive..I sell merch on my site and @ shows. <br />Check the muzik out on my website foreverfly.biz which has all my links like reverbnation.com/cshot or twitter.com/cshot etc. Thanx for luv & support and don't forget to like the page and tell a friend to tell a friend. Support talented Independent Artists!!<br /><br /> NEW single from CSHOT "i Just Like girls" produced by Ribah 5000 from the LP "Nice From Far...Far From Nice<br />www.foreverfly.biz<br />www.reverbantion.com/cshot<br />www.cshot.tumblr.com<br />www.cshot.bandcamp.com<br /> www.cdbaby.com/cshot3<br /> www.cdbaby.com/cshot2<br />www.cdbaby.com/cshot<br /> twitter@cshot<br /> www.myspace.com/cshot<br />www.vimeo.com/cshot<br />www.idolsofhiphop.com/cshot<br /> FREE mixtape from CSHOT "Bright Lights and Big Faces" <br /> www.datpiff.com search CSHOT<br /> http://artst.com/profile/cshot<br />www.youtube.com/cshotta<br />www.youtube.com/foreverflytv<br />www.dailymotion/foreverfly<br />www.facebook.com/foreverfly<br />www.facebook.com/topshottahiphop