In addition to Christian wife, mother and Conservative Republican, I am a very creative person and somewhat of an information broker. <br /><br />In my past life, I wanted to become a pilot and was a founding member of the Bessie Coleman Foundation in Washington DC. I belong to a non institutional, conservative Church of Christ. In my home life, I have an autistic son whose life I am dedicated to making as normal as possible. He is really outgoing and has quite the photographic memory. <br /><br />My son knows almost all the Washington DC landmarks. <br /><br />We are blessed in that he is considered to be "High Functioning"; as well he is verbal and able to communicate quite well. He will always need assistance, but I pray that God will continue to bless him. <br /><br />My daughter on the other hand is not inhibited by boundaries and is always thinking outside the box. Both of my children serve as inspiration for me. I consider them absolute blessings. <br /><br />After being a stay home mommy for 7 years, I was appointed Magistrate for the Commonwealth of Virginia (determining probable cause, granting arrest warrants, search warrants, etc.)working with adults. <br /><br />Then, I started working with juveniles in the county courts. One of my goals was to try and reach a young person and show him or her the error in the choices they made. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't and you just realized this kid would be in the adult system as soon as he or she turned 18. Sad but this is the horrible state of our society. I left the courts a few years back. I didn't like locking kids up so much. <br /><br />I am a closet music analyst and love all kinds of music from clean/edited Hip Hop to Classical Music. I don't listen to any kind of music that has filthy lyrics and degrades women nor do I watch the videos that do, so don't comment with or send me any - no thanks. I am also a lyricist and write songs every chance I get. I am writing lyrics for national and international artists. I'm working on a future hit!!!