GEE ROCK & THA CND COALITION go way back into the essence of hip hop. Gee has been doing this for a long time,and has created a pretty good reputation for himself. (gee rock)being the leader of the squad (tha cnd coalition). trejure (first lady).earl jones (funky leiutenant).jajabinx (aka jada kharma)my youngest.nig dee (skill seargent)..gee rock,s experience speaks for itself.on this cd entitled "return uv tha funky ep"a taste of hip hop in its truest form. soon to be released worldwide. you got a fantastic intro suggesting the the birth, or rebirth of hip hop, and then 5 blazin true to the essence hip hop tracks that compliment the truth....this is a blast of fresh air amongst all the politics and violence. gee rock has an agenda to attack in the game,and that is to bring balance back into hip hop as we know it. with the support of the underground worldwide, the force is destined to spark a nerve in the rap game and bring back our street credibility which consists of diverse skills, concepts, albums with multiple resources(dj,mcee,dancers for video etc...) lets take this sh*t back to 88 kid, you feel me, not literally but in spirit. put the heart and love for the game back into it....join the revolution, because it will not be televised , it will be live.!!!! the movement has begun....oh yeah! and you gotta checkout the website,and our myspace page"force one networkz"...peace and blessings!